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How Can I Get a Limited Driver's License
in Minnesota?


Only persons whose Minnesota driver's licenses have been revoked for first-time implied consent violations or first-time DWI convictions where the test results were below 0.16 (or the test was refused) may apply for a limited license to drive:

  • to and from a job, or for a job;
  • to chemical dependency treatment;
  • to provide for the educational, medical, or nutritional needs of the family; and/or
  • for attendance at a post-secondary educational institution.

To qualify for a limited license, a driver must be presently employed or a full-time homemaker.

Minnesota Drivers Manual

Minnesota law requires a 15 day waiting period (i.e. "hard revocation" or "blackout period") before an eligible suspended or revoked driver may apply for a limited license.

To apply for a limited license, a revoked driver is required to surrender any existing license certificates and apply for a new license by:

  • Taking and passing a written test based on Chapters 7 and 8 of the Minnesota Driver’s Manual (link:https://dps.mn.gov/divisions/dvs/forms-documents/documents/minnesota_drivers_manual.pdf );
  • Paying a $680 reinstatement fee plus the $26.75 new license fee; and Meeting with a driver evaluator for approval of the limited license.

For further information about obtaining a work permit, call Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services at 651-296-2025

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