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Breath Tests During COVID 19

Minnesota DataMaster DMT Breath Testing Procedures in the Time of COVID-19

DWI Courts in Minnesota

An Alternative to Jail for Repeat DWI Offenders

Emergency Vehicles and the Burden of Proof

Playing for the Fumbles – Winning a Traffic Case Where the State Fails to Prove an Element Necessary for Conviction

‘Stop’ – In the Name of the Law!

The stop sign and the stop line, before and not beyond

DWI While Sleeping In You Car

Is Sleeping In Your Car While Intoxicated a Crime in Minnesota?

Making Sense of the Numbers

Alcohol, Drugs, Traffic Fatalities, and Statistics

“But I Wasn’t Drunk”

How Alcohol Impairment Can Actually Fool You into Feeling ‘Sober.’

Driving during Covid 19

DWIs Down, Traffic Fatalities Up During Coronavirus

Whiskey Plates

Manditory Plates Required After Certain Alcohol Related Violations

The 'Weedalyzer’

First the Breathalyzer, now the ‘Weedalyzer?’

Minnesota DWI Arrest Numbers Are Rising

Statistics show an increase of arrests for driving under the influence of drugs or alchohol in Minnesota is up 4 percent in 2018

Minnesota refines ‘Little Alan’s Law’

A new law conforms to 2018’s “Little Alan’s Law.” This law expands on the prohibitions of the operation of off-road vehicles following a DWI conviction.

New "SlowPoke" law puts slow drivers on notice

Beginning August 1, 2019, slow drivers who don’t move over for faster vehicles to pass will be subject to a fine of up to $125.00 ($50.00 base fine plus a $75.00 surcharge).

DWI or DUI - Whats the difference?

Driving while intoxicated, driving under the influence or driving while impaired: what is the difference and which one is used in Minnesota.

Search Warrants - Blood from the unconscious

The Fourth Amendment generally requires one to obtain a warrant for a blood draw, yet police could rely on the exigent-circumstances exception to the warrant requirement and obtain the test.

Minnesota passes ‘hands-free’ law

Beginning August 1, 2019, it will be illegal for motorists in Minnesota to hold phones and dial numbers with their hands while driving.

DWI forfeiture law Unconstitutional

Minnesota DWI Vehicle Forfeiture law was deemed unconstitutional for an owner of a car who was not the driver of her car at the time of DWI.

Cold weather can cause problems with your ignition interlock device

If you’ve been charged with DWI, an ignition interlock device is an option that may be available and allow you to drive while your license is in limbo. But freezing temperatures can interfere with the device’s ability to function.

DWI and the ‘100 deadliest days on Minnesota roads’

More DWI arrests and traffic deaths occur between Memorial Day and Labor Day than any other time of year on Minnesota’s roads.

A second chance for those convicted of blood or urine test refusal?

A recent Minnesota Supreme Court opinion may offer a second chance to drivers who refused to submit to a warrantless blood or urine test and were then convicted under the test refusal statute, Minn. Stat. 169A.20, subd. 2.